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About cato Fashion

Headquartered in Cato Fashions is an American clothing retailing company with over 1,000 stores across the country. At Cato you will find fashionable styles for every body type at low prices. Consumers can expect a variety of trendy fashion items and time tested trends right on Cato’s website– “New fashions every week. Low prices every day.” Keywords: customizable, trending, trendsetter

What You’ll Find at Cato Fashions

Cato Fashions sells women’s clothing that range from casual styles to apparel for special occasions. Respect trends with their selection or choose a more classic style. Their sizes run from 4 to 26w and girls’ sizes from 7-16. They also offer accessories including jewelry, handbags, lingerie, and home decor items. What makes shopping in Cato Fashions even more attractive is that they come up with new inventory at bargain prices every time–excluding expensive pieces like $20 pants, $30 dresses, and $60 jackets.

How to get the latest in women’s clothing

Women can find your complete wardrobe with one stop shopping at this retailer. Their selection includes intimates, athleisure gear, shorts, and sweaters from a variety of brands. They also have a great number of dresses to help you look and feel your best.


Looking for fashion tips? You can find plenty of terrific wardrobe staples

1) Plus size and non-plus size options for Solid V-necks
2) You can find plenty of wardrobe staples like: Palazzo pants
3) Find clothing that’s good anytime, anywhere
4) Try on different jean styles without breaking the bank
5) Get new fashion pieces at affordable prices

A Brief History of Cato Fashions

Cato was founded by Wayland Henry Cato, Wayland Jr. and Edgar in 1946. The company’s headquarters had its beginnings in Charlotte, North Carolina and are still here today. Within the first year, Mr. Cato hired three store managers who were tasked with purchasing high-end dresses that would ultimately help boost sales of the dress shop. Unfortunately, their small rural locations and their expensive apparel cause poor sales performance.

A few years later, with the help of a new merchandise manager, the store expanded its reach and began to cater to younger customers. The company’s mission was to provide apparel that couldn’t be found in traditional stores and each city’s local shops. Over the course of many years, Cato Fashions grew, adding clothing for young girls as well as plus size clothing. Today Cato Fashions can be found in 32 states.

Get the latest fashion trends you must know

Cato Fashions delivers key trends and styles at affordable prices. They offer ample methods for staying current with the latest in fashion and style.

    • To keep up with the latest styles and make your shopping experience easier, the website features a “Looks We Love” section which is updated for each season.
    • Cato’s homepage is Instagram, and their content is available through the ‘catoconfident’ hashtag on Twitter. You can also follow them on Instagram at CatoFashions
    • One way to stay up to date with the latest Cato Fashions’ styles is to visit the official Facebook page.
    • If you want to know when new items are added to Cato Fashions, be sure to sign up for their email newsletter. Subscribe at the website by filling out the contact form with your preferences and then click “continue” before submitting your form with your email. After subscribing, you’ll receive the latest fashion and trend news.

Gift Cards and Credit Cards

Gift Cards : Cato Fashions gift cards are available in-store or online, and there are a number of different cards to choose from. The cards start at $25 and go all the way up to $999. With no expiration dates, there is something for every cash-strapped shopper.


Credit cards :

Credit cards are available through the Cedar Hill National Bank and can also be used at Cato’s other locations, which include a retail store called It’s Fashion. The card has a low finance charge of $1.00 and a late payment fee of $20.00. Customers can apply for this card online or at the store.


Though Cato Fashions has a clearance section where you can save money, their promotions don’t always have coupons or coupon codes. You can find coupons and promo codes on the online shopping websites Coupon Buddy, Bee Community and Shop Smart to see what sales are happening that might not have a special offer listed with them. Another way to save money is by being able to have items shipped for free to any store of your choice.