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City Pass | What Are They, and How Do They Work?

A lot of people go to a city because they know what sights they want to visit and the best way to do that is by purchasing a city pass. A city pass is a ticket package, usually given out at discounted prices to groups of attractions in a particular area. In this article, we’ll look into what city passes are and how they work!

What are City Passes?

city passes are a type of pass that allow people to explore various attractions and activities within a specific city. They come in a variety of price ranges and can be purchased online, in-person, or at the tourist information center. Some of the most popular city passes include the New York City Pass, Chicago CityPASS, Boston CityPASS, and San Francisco cityPASSES .

How do City Passes work?

city passes usually entitles the holder to unlimited access to all participating attractions within the designated city for a certain number of days (ranging from one day to a month). Some passes also offer discounts on admission prices at some participating attractions. The best part about city passes is that they are usually valid for both adults and children.

If you’re planning a trip to one of these popular cities and you don’t already have a city pass, we recommend trying out different options before settling on one. Do your research online or at your local tourist information center to get an idea of what’s available and what would fit your needs.


How do they work?

city passes are a great way to save money on your transportation costs while visiting a city. They're also a great way to get to know a city better. Here's how they work: when you buy a city pass, you receive a voucher that can be used at any participating transit agency in the city. You can use the voucher to purchase tickets, bus passes, or ferries. You can also use the voucher to get free rides on special events and tourist attractions. There are many different types of city passes available, so if you're planning on visiting multiple cities during your trip, be sure to choose the right one for you.

Benefits of City Passes

If you're ever in need of a break from the city, consider taking advantage of one of its many city passes. City passes can offer a variety of benefits, such as discounts on attractions and restaurants, free admission to museums and even reduced parking rates. Here's a quick rundown of what each type of city pass offers:

Attraction Pass - If you're looking for a discount on attractions within the city, an attraction pass is a great option. These passes typically include discounts on tickets to popular tourist destinations like The Empire State Building and The Statue of Liberty.

Restaurant Pass - If you love spending time out dining, a restaurant pass can be just what you need. These passes give visitors access to discounts at different restaurants across the city.

Parking Pass - A parking pass can save you money on rates at garages or parking lots within the city. For example, a 24-hour parking pass for $10 might save you $20 over the course of a week.

Disadvantages of City Passes

One of the main advantages to using city passes is that they can save you money on your overall travel expenses. However, there are several disadvantages to using city passes that should be considered before making a decision to purchase one. Here are some of the most common ones:

-City passes can only be used within the designated city limits. This means that if you're planning on visiting multiple cities within a region, you'll need to purchase multiple city passes.

-City passes often do not include admission to all of the participating attractions or museums. For example, a city pass might only allow you access to certain museums and not others.

-City passes are typically valid for one specific period of time, which may not be long enough for you to use all of the benefits that it offers. For example, a city pass for New York City will only give you access to attractions in Manhattan for the duration of the pass.

Where to get City Passes?

City passes are a great way to explore a city without breaking the bank. They can be bought at tourist information centers, local stores, or online. The types of passes available vary by city, but most offer admission to various attractions and discounts on other activities in the city. There are also special passes for students and seniors.

To use a city pass, simply show it to the staff at the attraction or ticket booth. Some passes also give holders access to free admission days or special discounts on food and merchandise. City passes are a great way to save money while enjoying the city.


City passes are a great way to visit multiple attractions and museums in one trip without having to spend lots of money. Sometimes called attraction tickets, city passes usually last for either 1 or 3 days and can be purchased at the attraction itself or online. They come in different price ranges, so it’s important to read the fine print before buying one so that you know exactly what you’re getting into.