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Debenhams | How One Store Turned Into A Department Store Empire

Debenhams plc was a British department store chain operating in the United Kingdom, Denmark and the Republic of Ireland. It was founded in 1778 as a single store in London and grew to 178 locations. In 2010, Debenhams became part of the Arcadia Group of companies.

What is Debenhams?

Debenhams is a British department store chain, with over 1,000 stores in the UK. The first Debenhams store was opened in 1877 by the brothers Alfred and Edward Debenham. Today, the company operates under the parent company of Arcadia Group.

Debenhams History: How One Store Turned Into A Department Store Empire Debenhams history begins with two brothers who set out to open their own store in 1877. Alfred and Edward Debenham were born in 1847 and 1849, respectively, in England. They grew up in a time when it was difficult for young men to get ahead in life. Alfred, the elder brother, started working at a grocery store as a teenager to help support his family. Edward, the younger brother, also worked at a grocery store before deciding to pursue a career in business.

In 1865, Alfred and Edward founded their own grocery store called “Alfred & Edward’s Groceries”. The store quickly grew in popularity and became one of the most successful businesses in London. In 1877, Alfred and Edward decided to open their own department store called “Debenhams”.


How did it become a department store empire?

Debenhams began as a small, family-owned store in London in 1838. The business grew rapidly and by the early 1900s, it had become one of the largest department stores in the world. Over the years, Debenhams has continued to grow and expand its operations, now operating over 900 stores across the globe. Today, the Debenhams brand is one of the most recognizable names in retail and its legacy continues to be celebrated with annual awards ceremonies and year-round marketing campaigns. How did Debenhams achieve such success? In this blog post, we explore some of the key factors that have helped make Debenhams a global department store powerhouse.

Debenham’s Women Clothes and Beauty ranges

Debenhams Women Clothes and Beauty ranges are some of the most popular in the UK, with shoppers looking for something to wear to work, social events or just for everyday life. The Debenhams women’s clothing section offers a wide range of clothing items from formal dresses to athleisure clothes, as well as a huge selection of beauty products.

The Debenhams women’s clothing section started out as a single store in London in 1826, and over the next 140 years it would grow into one of the largest department stores in the world. In 1992, Debenhams merged with the Fuller Smith group, and since then it has expanded its range of women’s clothing and beauty products to include stores across the UK and Ireland. In 2017, Debenhams announced that it was closing 63 of its stores worldwide due to declining sales. However, despite this announcement, Debenhams still remains one of the UK’s leading department stores for women’s fashion and beauty products.

Debenham’s Automobiles and Fashion Department

Debenhams is a department store chain with over 1,200 stores in the UK. The company was founded by two brothers, Richard and John Debenham, in 1766. The Debenhams name comes from the family home of Debenhams in Berkshire, England. The first store opened in Oxford Street in London.

The company grew rapidly through the 1800s, opening new stores all over England and into Scotland. In 1876, Debenhams opened its first store outside of England in Paris. By 1914, the company had over 100 stores across Europe.

In 1929, Debenhams opened its first store in the United States at Broadway and 53rd Street in Manhattan. The following year, the company opened its second U.S. store at Fifth Avenue and 58th Street in New York City. In 1933, the company opened its third U.S. store at 57th Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan.

In 1938, Debenhams acquired a controlling interest in French fashion chain A La Vieille Russie (which became known as A La Redoute). In 1965, Debenhams acquired American fashion retailer Bergdorf Goodman. In

Debenham’s Furniture and Home Products

Debenhams was founded in 1802 by John Debenham and his son-in-law James Saunders. The store began as a drapery shop on London’s Strand, and quickly became one of the most prestigious retailers in England. In 1809, Debenhams opened its first store outside of London, in Cork, Ireland. Over the next century, the company grew rapidly, opening more than 100 stores across Great Britain and Ireland. In 1923, Debenhams merged with Marshall Field’s, creating one of the largest department stores in the world.

In 1934, the company opened its first store in continental Europe, in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1961, Debenhams merged with House of Fraser to form the largest department store group in the world. In 1986, Debenhams was acquired by The Rank Group, which later sold it to PPR plc in 2003. Today, Debenhams operates over 320 stores across Europe and Asia Pacific.

Debenham is a long-established British retailer that started out as a drapery shop on London's Strand. In 1809, Debenhams opened its first store


When George John Debenhams opened his first shop in London in 1817, it was a small affair. Just four rooms and a warehouse on Oxford Street, Debenhams grew slowly but steadily over the next century as its founder made shrewd business decisions and developed an innovative retail model that combined high-quality goods with great customer service. By the early 1900s, Debenhams had stores across England and Wales and was one of the leading department stores in Europe. In 1922, the company merged with House of Fraser to form Associated Department Stores (ADS), which became one of Britain’s largest businesses. In 1976, ADS was acquired by The Pears Group Ltd., which renamed the company The Pearsons plc. In 2001, The Pearsons plc merged with Sports Direct International Ltd., creating ASOS Plc., one of the world’s leading online fashion retailers. Today, ASOS is a publicly traded company whose brands include Asos Collection, Asos Originals, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, PrettyLittleThing®, Trespass™ footwear and Uniqlo® clothes.