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DTLR/VILLA | The Fashionable Lifestyle Retailer

DTLR/VILLA is one of the country’s most successful lifestyle retailers with over 250 stores in 19 states. In fusing together our passion for fashion, entertainment, sports, and community empowerment, DTLR/VILLA has grown from just a few Philadelphia storefronts to an industry powerhouse.

DTLR/VILLA began in 2006 when brothers Rick and Ryan Villanueva opened their first store on South Street in Philadelphia. The Villanuevas were inspired to open their own store after working at a number of high-end fashion retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

Today, DTLR/VILLA operates over 250 stores across 19 states, with a team of more than 2,000 employees who are passionate about fashion, entertainment, sports and community empowerment. With locations in Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington D.C., there is always a spot for you to shop the latest trends and find your new wardrobe.


DTLR/VILLA is a fashion lifestyle retailer that specializes in high-end designer brands. The store was founded in 2002 by two friends, Douglas To and Tony Lim, who saw a need for a stylish and affordable place to buy fashionable clothing. DTLR/VILLA offers customers an exclusive shopping experience that features an eclectic mix of international and local designers. The store stocks a wide range of clothing for men, women, and children, as well as accessories and home furnishings. The staff at DTLR/VILLA are experts in fashion knowledge and can help customers find the perfect outfit for any occasion.

DTLR/VILLA is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The store offers a wide variety of fashion items, including designer brands such as Prada, Saint Laurent, and Dior. The store also stocks a wide range of accessories, home furnishings, and beauty products.

Who is the founder of DTLR/VILLA?

DTLR is a lifestyle retailer that specializes in selling high-end fashion and accessories. The company was founded by Andrea Villafuerte in 2013.

How can you buy DTLR/VILLA's products?

Looking to purchase DTLR/VILLA's luxurious fashion and lifestyle products? You can find our products at select boutiques and department stores nationwide, or online at our website.

Our collections include women's designer clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry, and home furnishings. We offer a wide range of brands and styles to fit any individual's style.

To place an order, call us toll-free at 1-866-977-6827 or visit our website. We accept Visa and Mastercard. Shipping is available worldwide.

What are some of their most popular products?

DTLR/VILLA is a fashion-forward lifestyle retailer, with a focus on contemporary and luxury fashion. Some of their most popular products include high-end clothing, accessories, home decor, and beauty brands. They also offer a variety of services such as personal shoppping, home styling, and concierge services.

NORDSTROM is a leading provider of home appliances, electronics, and home heating and cooling systems. Some of their most popular products include LG smart TVs, Samsung electronics, appliances, and home heating and cooling systems. They also offer a variety of services such as installation, repairs, and adjustments.

SNYDER'S is a specialty retailer that specializes in women's apparel. Some of their most popular products include clothing for all occasions, including formal wear, casual wear, and maternity clothes. They also offer a wide variety of accessories, including hats, scarves, sunglasses, and shoes.

How do they categorize their stores?

There is no one answer to this question, as each retailer has its own system for categorizing its stores. However, some common systems used by fashion-focused retailers include: department stores, specialty stores, and boutiques. Department stores tend to group their stores by type (e.g. women's clothing, men's clothing),

while specialty stores may divide their store into categories like home furnishings or accessories. Boutiques, on the other hand, focus on selling only designer brands and tend to have smaller floor space than traditional department or specialty stores. Another way to categorize stores is by their focus. For example, a store that sells only clothing might be classified as a department store, while a store that also sells items like home goods or accessories would be classified as a specialty store.

Where can you find DTLR/VILLA stores near you?

Looking for a fashionable lifestyle retailer? Look no further than DTLR/VILLA! This store is perfect for anyone looking to buy stylish clothing and accessories. They have a wide selection of items, including clothes, shoes, handbags, and more. DTLR/VILLA also offers a variety of services such as alterations and tailoring. So if you're in need of new clothes or just need to get your outfit fixed up, this is the place to go!

You can find DTLR/VILLA stores in a variety of locations throughout the United States. Some of the locations that you may be interested in include:

DTLR/VILLA NORDSTROM COSTCO located at 17505 Nordstrom Way, McLean, VA 22102
DTLR/VILLA ANCHORAGE located at 2020 West 4th Avenue Suite 140, Anchorage, AK 99503
DTLR/VILLA SOUTH TEXAS located at 1918 E. Houston St., Suite 211, San Antonio, TX 78205


In today's competitive retail landscape, it is essential for retailers to have a fashion-forward lifestyle brand that can appeal to a wide range of consumers. DTLR/VILLA has done an amazing job of creating this type of retailer by providing high quality clothing at an affordable price point, while also incorporating the latest trends and fashions into their line. If you are looking for a retailer that will help you stand out from the competition, look no further than DTLR/VILLA!