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EZ Travel is a Personal Vacation Travel Planner. EZ Travel offers software for providers of tours and activities in Latin America that is secured through a cloud-based system.

EZ Travel – Your Professional Travel Advisors and Go-To Experts

Expect personalized travel service and internet exclusives when working with your Cruise Planners® Consultant. Since 1994, the EZ travel company has been handling thousands of customers seeking new & experienced travel advisors. They are the largest home-based travel franchise in the country, serving an average of 3,500 customers per month with highly acclaimed service. By land or by sea, you get customized vacation planning at your level of comfort and style. The EZ Travel experts have extensive experience that informs their international approach to tourism.

What Cruise Planners do to make your trips

  • We are your personal advocates just a phone call away.
  • We offer our American Express Cardmember benefits.
  • We specialize in restaurants, nightlife, events and other things that make planning a unique travel experience.
  • Our experts can help you find the right cruise or tour to suit you and your budget.

Top Ten Reasons To Book Your Trip Now

Planning on traveling in the next 6-12 months? There will be a huge rush to do so. Avoid getting lost and stay ahead of the game by scheduling your vacation on EZ travel with a high-quality expert that has been an industry leader for more than 20 years. Here are the top ten reasons to book NOW:

Supply and Demand

The problem with supply and demand is that there will be more demand than supply. To ensure you get the right accommodations, it’s best to plan ahead. There are less options to choose from so there could be an increased wait time on similar deals if they aren’t booked in advance.

Flexible Cancellation Policies

Now is the time to book your vacation because cruise and tour companies’ cancellation policies allow you to cancel as late as 2023.

Price matters

These are the top ten reasons to book your vacation as soon as possible

Book your trip in time for a better price

Ideally, in just a few months, cruising in Alaska will resume after a hiatus of three years. If you want to sail your journey on the Alaskan Cruise, it’s better to book now before the boats fill up because by then, there might be no more room available.

Stop Streaming

Nowadays, watching TV has become a mindless practice. After staring at the screen for hours on end we need fresh air and something to entertain our minds.


Often, companies will offer better deals, or only limited time sales during the spring or summer seasons. This is to lure you back, and to greet you with a thoughtfulness not often seen in advertising.


The health benefits of vacationing

People who take vacations live longer. Vacationers often exhibit increased focus and alertness, along with a boost to creativity.

How to have a better travel experience

Now is the best time to refresh your mind, body and soul with a getaway! Burnout isn’t an option when you’re surrounded by over two thousand acres of oceanfront forest.

See the best value for your vacation

Let your Cruise Planners EZ Travel Advisor help you with active vacation options. Our team has been trained to help you find the best value; our agents will do their utmost to provide a positive experience by exploring all of your options, from more inclusive cruises to adding on airfare, cruise and hotel together.

You Snooze, You Lose

You should always try to go on a vacation this year, as escaping the stresses of your environment is important in order to relieve stress and refresh your perspective. After this upcoming year, your “escape” may feel much more refreshing and freeing.