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Ferns N Petals | The Indian Gifting Company That’s Taking Over The World

Ferns N Petals is an Indian gifting company that is quickly gaining a following all over the world. Not only are their gifts unique and special, but their customer service is top-notch as well. If you’re looking for a unique gift idea that will really make someone’s day, Ferns N Petals is definitely worth checking out!

Ferns N Petals History

Ferns N Petals is a company that started in India, but has since spread to over 60 countries and continues to grow. The company's origins date back to 1976 when two friends, Ritu and Krishan Bhatia, began selling ferns from their bicycle. Today, Ferns N Petals operations are run by the thirdgeneration of the Bhatia family.

The company sells ferns as well as other plants, such as orchids, bromeliads, and succulents. Ferns N Petals operates a global e-commerce platform that allows customers to purchase plants directly from the company. The company also offers plant care advice and support through its website and social media platforms.

Ferns N Petals has become a leading supplier of plants to retailers around the world. In 2018, the company announced plans to open new distribution centers in Canada and the United States. The company also plans to expand its product range to include trees and shrubs. Ferns N Petals is an Indian business with a global reach; its success illustrates the potential for companies based in developing economies to compete in today’s global market economy.

What is Ferns N Petals?

Ferns N Petals is a unique Indian gift company that is quickly becoming a favorite of international customers. Founded in 2006, Ferns N Petals specializes in handcrafted fern and flower arrangements and delivers nationwide.

The company’s mission is to promote sustainable living through its products and services. Ferns N Petals works with local artisans to create high-quality floral arrangements and ethical gifts. The company has a commitment to using natural materials, such as jute, bamboo, and cotton fabric, to create its products.

The popularity of Ferns N Petals has led to increased demand for its products. The company now operates out of two warehouses and employs over 60 workers. In addition to flowers and ferns, the company also offers delivery of fresh fruit baskets and personalized chocolates.

Ferns N Petals sells its products online and at more than 500 retail locations across the United States. The company plans to expand its operations into new markets in the coming years.

How Does Ferns N Petals Work?

Ferns N Petals has been gifting the world with sustainable, eco-friendly flowers for over 15 years now. Their philosophy is simple: choose the best quality plants, ethically source them, and hand-deliver them to your loved ones with love.

From traditional flowers to unique gift options like candles and potpourri, Ferns N Petals has something for everyone. Plus, their flowers are guaranteed to last up to four weeks!

So what’s stopping you from giving Ferns N Petals a try? It’s time to start incorporating these beautiful plants into your every day life!

The Different Categories of Gift Sets at Ferns N Petals

If you're looking for a unique gift, look no further than Ferns N Petals. This Indian gift company offers a variety of gift sets that are perfect for any occasion. From the simple bouquet to the elegant Anniversary Set, Ferns N Petals has something for everyone.

Whether you're shopping for a special someone or just want to spoil yourself, Ferns N Petals has the perfect gift set for you! Check out our selection and find the perfect gift today.

How to Order a Gift Set at Ferns N Petals

When you're looking for the perfect gift, look no further than Ferns N Petals! We have a wide variety of gift sets that are sure to please everyone on your list. From floral arrangements to candles, we have something for everyone. Our gift sets come with a sensory experience that is sure to make anyone happy. If you're looking for a unique and special gift, look no further than Ferns N Petals!


Ferns N Petals is a company that is quickly making a name for itself in the world of online gifting. Not only does this company have an astounding selection of flowers and plants, but their customer service is some of the best in the business. Whether you are looking to send a special gift to someone far away or just want to show your support, Ferns N Petals has something for everyone.