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Giacomo Conti | Emerging Polish Fashion Brand

Polish fashion brands have slowly been gaining traction in the international fashion scene, and Giacomo Conti is one of the most well-known and successful brands on the market. Whether you’re looking for stylish clothing to take your style up a notch, or you’re just curious about what Polish design has to offer, read on to learn more about this emerging brand!

Giacomo Conti History

Giacomo Conti is a new Polish fashion brand that is quickly gaining popularity in Europe. The brand was founded by Giacomo Conti and his wife, who are both designers and entrepreneurs.

The couple started the brand after they had a successful career in the fashion industry in their native Italy. They wanted to create a line of fashionable clothes that would represent their unique culture and style.

The Giacomo Conti line features clothing for men, women, and children. The company offers stylish clothing that can be worn for any occasion.

The Giacomo Conti line has been popular with fashion enthusiasts around the world since it debuted in 2017. The brand has received positive reviews for its high-quality designs and stylish clothing options.


Giacomo Conti Brand Profile

Giacomo Conti is a fashion brand founded in Warsaw in 2014 by designers Michalina Szpakowska and Jakub Bednarczyk. The label’s signature pieces are maxi dresses with a modern edge, made of luxurious materials such as silk and cashmere.

The brand has quickly gained a following among Polish celebrities and fashion insiders, and its collections have been featured in high-profile magazine editorials and on popular fashion blogs around the world. In addition to its line of clothing, Giacomo Conti also produces luxury home accessories, including bedding, cushions, throws and lamps.

The brand’s unique style has earned it acclaim from international media outlets including Vogue, W Magazine and Elle Decor, who have dubbed it “the next big thing in Polish fashion”. Giacomo Conti is currently sold in over 20 countries around the world, making it one of Poland’s most successful fashion brands to date.

Giacomo Conti Clothing Collections

Giacomo Conti has quickly emerged as one of Poland's most exciting fashion brands. With a focus on contemporary and classic styles, the collection offers something for everyone. From knitwear to outerwear, there is something for every occasion.

The brand was founded by Giacomo Conti in 2011, and the first collection was met with great acclaim. Drawing inspiration from classic European fashion brands, the line features flattering silhouettes and unique details. The brand's signature color is black, and each garment is carefully chosen to match the style of the individual piece.

With a focus on quality and design, Giacomo Conti clothing is sure to please fans of fashion alike. The line has quickly gained a following among Polish stars and international fashion lovers alike, and we can only wait to see what new collections are released in the future!

Giacomo Conti Womenswear Collection

Giacomo Conti Women's Collection is a contemporary line of womenswear that fuses traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern, sleek designs. The collection features an eclectic mix of clothing items, including blazers, cardigans, skirts and dresses.

The Giacomo Conti Women's Collection was designed with the modern woman in mind. The collection features sleek and comfortable designs that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you're looking for something to wear to work or a fun evening out, the Giacomo Conti Women's Collection has you covered.

The Giacomo Conti Women's Collection is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. You'll love the fashion forward designs and the luxurious feel of the clothing items in the Giacomo Conti Women's Collection.

Giacomo Conti Shoes Collection

Giacomo Conti is a new Polish fashion brand that is quickly gaining traction in the international fashion scene. The brand was established in 2014 by designer Giacomo Conti and his wife, model Eugenia Kulik.

Conti’s shoes are some of the most sought-after pieces in the collection. His signature style blends traditional Italian shapes with modern construction techniques, resulting in sleek and sophisticated footwear. The line features a variety of styles from flat shoes to sandals, all designed to flatter any figure.

The shoes are made from high quality materials such as leather and suede, and are available in a variety of colors and sizes. The brand has quickly gained a following among fashion insiders, with collections seen at major fashion festivals around the world.

Giacomo Conti Accessory Collection

Giacomo Conti is a fashion brand that is quickly gaining popularity in Poland. The label focuses on elegant and sophisticated clothing, with an emphasis on natural fabrics and unique design. The collection features a variety of items, from jackets to skirts, all of which are fashioned in sleek and modern styles.

The brand was founded in 2014 by Giacomo Conti and his wife Aleksandra. Initially, the couple focused on producing dresses for their own personal use, but soon realized there was a market for their high-quality designs. Today, Giacomo Conti is one of the most popular Polish fashion brands, with products available in many stores across the country.

The designers behind Giacomo Conti focus on creating timeless pieces that can be dressed up or down. Each piece is designed with attention to detail and ensures that each garment has its own unique personality. This attention to detail has resulted in a line of clothing that is both stylish and comfortable.

Overall, Giacomo Conti is a well-designed fashion brand that offers affordable luxury items. If you're looking for something special in Polish fashion, be sure to check out the Giacomo Conti collection!


Giacomo Conti is a new Polish fashion brand that has quickly emerged as a must-have in the contemporary fashion world. Featuring fresh, modern designs and impeccable craftsmanship, Giacomo Conti is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. With prices that are easily accessible for even the most budget-conscious shopper, Giacomo Conti is definitely one brand you don't want to miss out on.