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Harrods | A Look Inside London’s Most Iconic Department Store

Harrods is a world-famous department store located in London, England. Not only does this iconic store have an impressive history, it also offers shoppers a unique experience unlike any other. In this blog article, we’ll be looking at all the amazing things Harrods has to offer – from its luxurious and decadent products, to its opulent interior design, and more!

Introduction to Harrods

Harrods is one of the most iconic department stores in London, and has been a fixture in the city for over 150 years. Founded in 1834, Harrods has been through many changes over the years, but has always maintained its status as a luxury retailer. Today, Harrods is known for its high-end designer labels, fine foods, and opulent surroundings. If you're looking for a truly luxurious shopping experience, Harrods is the place to go.


History of Harrods

Harrods is a department store located in London, United Kingdom. The store is owned by the Qatar Investment Authority, and is one of the largest department stores in the world with over 330 departments covering 1.1 million square feet of retail space.

The store was founded by Charles Henry Harrods in 1834, and has been expanded and renovated numerous times since then. The most notable expansion was in 1846 when Harrod added a second floor to the store. In 1883, Harrods was bought by Hugh Fraser, and became a limited company in 1889. Under Fraser's ownership, Harrods expanded rapidly, adding new departments and services such as restaurants, an art gallery, and a beauty salon.

In 1905, Harrods was sold to Selfridges & Co., which was owned by Gordon Selfridge. Selfridge continued to expand the store, adding more departments and services. In 1919, Selfridge opened a new building adjacent to the main store which housed the first escalators in London.

In 1959, Harrods was acquired by House of Fraser. House of Fraser made several changes to the store, including modernizing the interiors and expanding the food halls. In 1985, House of Fraser was taken over by Mohamed Al-Fayed who owned it until 2010 when he sold it to the Qatar Investment Authority.

What Makes Harrods Special?

Harrods is a department store located in London, England. The store is owned by the Qatar Investment Authority and is currently run by Michael Ward. It is one of the largest department stores in the world with over 300 departments covering 1 million square feet of retail space. Harrods is well known for its luxury goods and services, and has been frequented by royalty and celebrities for over 150 years.

What makes Harrods special is its history, luxury goods and services, and customer service.

Harrods has a long history dating back to 1834 when it was founded by Charles Henry Harrod. The store has been through a lot over the years, including surviving bombings during World War II. Today, it stands as a symbol of luxury and customer service.

The store offers a wide range of luxury goods and services, from designer clothing to fine jewelry to gourmet food. They even have their own airline! Customers can expect to receive the highest level of service at Harrods. The sales staff are knowledgeable and helpful, and there is always someone available to assist with whatever you need.

Shopping at Harrods

Shopping at Harrods is an experience unlike any other. The store is massive, and there is something for everyone. From high-end designer fashion to home goods and everything in between, Harrods has it all.

The store is organized into different sections, each with its own unique atmosphere. The ground floor is home to the food hall, which is packed with gourmet goodies from around the world. The beauty department is also located on the ground floor and features all of the latest products and trends.

The upper floors are where you'll find the clothing, accessories, and home decor. There's a section for children's clothes and toys as well. Be sure to check out the famous Egyptian escalator, which was installed in 1898!

If you're looking for a truly one-of-a-kind shopping experience, Harrods is the place to go.

Restaurants and Cafes at Harrods

Harrods is home to some of the best restaurants and cafes in London. From casual cafes to Michelin-starred restaurants, there's something for everyone at Harrods.

The Brasserie at Harrods is a great choice for a casual meal. The menu features classic French dishes like steak frites and escargot. For something a little more formal,

The Georgian is a Michelin-starred restaurant that serves modern British cuisine. If you’re looking for a quick bite, the Food Halls offer a variety of grab-and-go options, from sushi to pastries. Whether you’re looking for a casual lunch or an upscale dining experience, you’ll find it at Harrods.

Events & Experiences at Harrods

Harrods is more than just a department store - it's an experience. From the moment you step through the doors, you're enveloped in luxury. The store is spread out over multiple floors, each one more opulent than the last. And there's something for everyone, whether you're looking for a new outfit, some unique souvenirs, or a special treat for yourself.

But it's not just the merchandise that makes Harrods so special - it's also the events and experiences. Throughout the year, the store hosts fashion shows, pop-up shops, and other special events. There's always something going on, so even if you've been before, there's always something new to see and do.

And of course, no visit to Harrods would be complete without a stop at one of their iconic food outlets. From afternoon tea at The Georgian Restaurant to freshly made chocolates at Cocoa Vault, there's something to tantalize every taste bud. So whether you're looking for a shopping spree or a simply a unique experience, Harrods is sure to deliver.


Harrods is undoubtedly one of London's most iconic department stores and a must-see for any visitor to the city. Whether you want to shop for luxury goods, admire the beautiful architecture or enjoy afternoon tea in style, Harrods has something for everyone. This article has provided an insight into what makes Harrods so special and why it continues to draw in visitors from all over the world. If you ever have the chance to visit this retail paradise then make sure that you take advantage of it!