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INFOBUS | The Ultimate Bus, Train, Airfare Search Tool

INFOBUS provides one of the easiest ways to search and purchase bus, train and plane tickets. This is a key tool for those who frequently travel by these modes of transportation. Create your account today and sign up for their email alerts that notify you of sales.

What is the INFOBUS?

INFOBUS is the ultimate bus, train, and airfare search tool. You can search by departure time, destination, fare type, and more. true How do I pick a seat?. See our Seats section for help finding the perfect seats. true

Can you search flights when they are not available on the website?. If a flight is not shown, please check back in 5 minutes and we'll have it added to our system! You can also book via phone with your airline's call center or through a travel agent.

How do I look up my favorite destinations?. Just tap Add to Favorites from My Trip, then type in the name of your favorite destination and tap Search Results to see all results for that location. Once you select one, you'll be able to view future searches at that location in My Maps by tapping the corresponding icon next to its


How to Use the INFOBUS

INFOBUS is the ultimate bus, train, and airfare search tool. Simply input your departure city, destination city, and dates of travel, and INFOBUS will provide you with all the information you need to buy tickets online or in person. The website also includes detailed route maps and timetables for each mode of transportation, so you can plan your trip with ease. How to Search for Cheap Airfares. Your best bets for saving money on airfare are to book early and book direct. Flights booked later than 30 days before departure will cost considerably more, with limited availability and less attractive flight options. And while booking through a third party is acceptable, we recommend using an airline’s own site whenever possible in order to get the absolute lowest fare available—and without having to contend with hidden fees or middlemen commissions.

Bus Routes, Train Routes and Plane Routes

INFOBUS is a comprehensive bus, train, and airfare search tool that makes it easy to find the best route for your trip. You can search by city, state or country, and find information on bus and train schedules, fares, and more. INFOBUS also provides information on airport transfers and rental cars.

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How to Purchase Tickets

INFOBUS is the ultimate bus, train, and airfare search tool. It lets you compare prices and schedules for all transportation options in one place. Simply enter your origin and destination, and INFOBUS will provide the best available fares and schedules. You can also find out about ticket availability and purchase tickets securely online. People who used our service have said.

I booked my flights and bus tickets online with "no hidden fees" and saved $100! So glad I found this website!

- Jeannette A. (San Francisco to Vancouver)
The information you provide is very useful and accurate. We appreciate that you've made so many things simple: the search, the options, the fares, traveling with a child.

Easy Tips for Saving Money with Bus Tickets

There are a few easy tips you can use to save money on bus tickets. First, make sure to search for the cheapest fares available. Several websites offer discounted tickets if you book in advance. Second, try to use public transportation when possible. Bus and train fares are often lower than airfare prices, and you don't have to worry about baggage fees. Finally, be aware of ticket availability – sometimes the last seats on buses or trains are the cheapest.


Do you ever find yourself wondering where a certain bus or train is going, and how long it will take? INFOBUS can help with that! This helpful search engine offers real-time information on buses, trains, and flights so that you can easily plan your journey. Just enter the destination and the time of day, and INFOBUS will provide you with all the relevant details about the bus or train. If there are any problems along the way (like a delay), INFOBUS will let you know as soon as possible.