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Officemate : The International Stationery Brand That’s Taking the World by Storm

Get ready to fall head over heels for Officemate – the international stationery brand that is taking the world by storm! From colorful paperclips and vibrant sticky notes to sleek binders and snazzy organizers, this brand has everything you need to jazz up your workspace. Whether you’re a student or a professional, Officemate’s products are sure to add some pizzazz to your daily routine. So come on in and explore why Officemate is quickly becoming the go-to choice for stationery lovers worldwide!
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How Officemate Became an International Stationery Brand

Officemate is a brand that is quickly gaining popularity all over the world for its unique, stylish and high-quality stationary products. Started in 2012 by two friends who were tired of seeing outdated and clunky stationery options on the market,

Officemate has since grown to become an international powerhouse with products sold in over 100 countries. What makes Officemate so special? First and foremost, the brand focuses on creating stylish yet functional stationary items that can be used anywhere, whether at home or in the office. Secondly, each product is designed by a team of expert designers who work tirelessly to create unique and customizable designs that reflect the individual style of each consumer. And finally, all products are made from top-of-the-line materials like wood pulp paper and metal wire that ensure quality and durability. Whether you’re looking for a new desk set or some fun colorful notepads to take your productivity up a notch, Officemate has got you covered!

The Products of Officemate

Officemate is a brand that has quickly taken the world by storm, with its innovative and stylish stationary products. From colorful pens to beautifully designed notebooks, Officemate has something for everyone.

What started out as a small Kickstarter campaign in 2014 has now become one of the most successful stationery brands on the market. Officemate's mission is to help people be more productive and organized, and their products reflect this goal.

From the colorful pen sets to the stylish notebooks, everything at Officemate is designed with function and style in mind. The brand's pens are especially popular, with options like ballpoint pens, fountain pens, and Rollerball Pens.

No matter what your needs are for stationary, there's likely an option available at Officemate that will fit your needs perfectly. Whether you're looking for affordable pens or high-quality notebooks, Officemate has you covered.

The Suppliers of Officemate

Officemate is a brand that has taken the world by storm. Officemate is a stationery brand that specializes in high-quality, international-grade paper products. The brand was founded in 2015 by three entrepreneurs — Sean Ansell, Stefanos Mastorakis, and Alexandros Papanikolaou. Officemate's goal is to provide quality paper products at an affordable price so that everyone can have access to them.

The company's flagship product is the Officemate Paper Towels Pack which includes 60 towels in each pack. The towels are made from high-quality paper and are designed to be durable and absorbent. The towels are also machine-washable and wrinkle-free, making them perfect for use at home or in the office.

The Officemate Paper Towels Pack is available in four colors - blue, green, pink, and yellow - and each pack retails for $10 USD. The packs are available on the official Officemate website as well as on Amazon and other online retailers.

The success of the Officemate Paper Towels Pack has given the company exposure across the globe. The brand has been featured on CNN International, CNBC Asia, Forbes magazine, Metro UK, Huffington Post Canada, Business Insider Australia, Elle France, and many other media outlets.

Officemate's popularity has led to collaborations with some of the world's leading brands. In 2016, Officemate partnered with Starbucks to launch its own line of coffee cups

The Markets Served by Officemate

Officemate is a global stationery brand that has quickly taken the world by storm. Started in 2015, Officemate has quickly become one of the most popular brands in the industry thanks to its unique designs and high-quality paper products. Offering a wide range of products from notepads to stickers, Officemate has something for

everyone. Their unique designs are sure to catch your eye and their high quality standards ensure that every product is up to par. Whether you’re looking for a stylish option for your desk or something more functional, Officemate has you covered.

Not only are their products high quality, but Officemate also offers an extensive range of customization options. You can choose from a variety of fonts and colors to perfectly match your style, making it easy to find the perfect product for you. Plus, their fast shipping means that you can always be sure that your order will arrive on time.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line stationery brand that offers amazing products and incredible customization options, look no further than Officemate!


Officemate is a brand that is shaking up the industry, and for good reason. They offer high-quality products at an affordable price point, and their customer service is unbeatable. Whether you are looking to buy stationery for your business or just need some new pens and paper, Officemate has something for you. Not to mention, they have a range of stylish options so you can really dial in your look. If you're on the hunt for a new stationery brand to check out, make sure it's Officemate!