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PrettyLitter | The Crystal-Based Cat Litter Is Revolutionizing The Industry

Cat litter is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of pet ownership, and for good reason – it’s essential for keeping your feline friend clean and healthy. However, traditional cat litters can be heavy, dusty, and expensive – making them less than ideal for many cat owners. PrettyLitter has come up with a solution to this problem with their lightweight crystal-based cat litter, which is revolutionizing the industry!

What is PrettyLitter?

PrettyLitter is a crystal-based cat litter that revolutionizes the industry. With its unique composition, PrettyLitter is a safer and more effective option for your feline friend.


History of PrettyLitter

PrettyLitter is a litter made with crystal-based ingredients that has revolutionized the industry. The company was founded in 2013 by two entrepreneurs, who wanted to create a better option for cats and their owners. PrettyLitter is environmentally friendly and does not contain harmful chemicals or additives.

PrettyLitter is made of super absorbent Silica Gel, combined with a proprietary health indicating formula to help you monitor your cat’s urine for acidity and alkalinity levels outside the average range, plus the visible presence of blood.

Silica Gel litter is made from naturally occuring minerals, so PrettyLitter is safe for your cat and friendly for the whole household.

The company released a new version of its product last year, a scented version. PrettyLitter continues to innovate and improve its products in order to provide the best possible experience for both cats and their owners.

Crystal-Based Cat Litter vs. Clay Cat Litter

Crystal-Based Cat Litter vs. Clay Cat Litter - There are many different types of cat litter available on the market today, and it can be hard to decide which is the best option for your feline friend. Some people prefer clay cat litter, while others prefer crystal-based litter. Here is a comparison of these two types of cat litter:

Clay Cat Litter - Clay cat litter is made from small particles of dried earth that are mixed with water. Clay is environmentally friendly and has a long shelf life, but it isn't as effective at trapping moisture as some other types of cat litters. Clay also creates a dust cloud when disturbed, which can be harmful to your lungs and eyes if you have cats. Some people like clay because it's cheap and easy to find, but others find it messy and uncomfortable to clean.

Crystal-Based Cat Litter - Crystal-based cat litter is made from crystals that are heated until they liquefy. This type of litter is more effective at trapping moisture than clay litter, and it doesn't create a dust cloud when disturbed. Crystal-based litters are also more expensive than clay litters, but they last longer and don't require frequent cleaning. Some people find crystal-based litters easier to clean than clay litters, while others find them just as messy.

Ingredients in PrettyLitter

The PrettyLitter is made with 99.9% pure crystals, which are environmentally friendly and safe for cats. The litter is also absorbent, making it ideal for multiple cat households.

Benefits of Using PrettyLitter

PrettyLitter's crystal-based cat litter is revolutionizing the industry. Not only does it have a number of benefits over traditional cat litter, but it's also environmentally friendly. Plus, it's virtually odorless Some of the benefits of using PrettyLitter include:

- It's environmentally friendly - PrettyLitter is made with natural crystals that are minimally processed, so it's eco-friendly.

- It's virtually odorless - Unlike other cat litters that can have a strong odor, PrettyLitter is virtually odorless.


PrettyLitter is a company that has made a serious dent in the cat litter industry by creating a product that not only looks great, but also performs better than traditional kitty litter. If you're looking for an environmentally friendly way to keep your feline friends happy and healthy, PrettyLitter is definitely worth considering!