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The Best Color Palette to Use in Your Makeup

Are you wondering what color palettes are appropriate for your complexion? Read on to learn more about what colors will make you shine.

The Five Main Color Palettes

There are a lot of color palettes to choose from when it comes to makeup, and choosing the right one is important if you want to achieve a cohesive look. So which one is the best? Here are five main color palettes that you should consider using: 1. The neutrals palette. This palette includes shades like beige, light brown, and pale pink, which can be used to create a wide range of looks. 2. The warm palette. This includes shades like earth tones, such as brown and tan, as well as tans and olive greens. It’s perfect for autumn and winter looks. 3. The cool palette. This includes shades like icy blues and light greens, which are perfect for summertime looks. 4. The colorful palette. This includes shades like bright oranges and deep purples, which can help add some life to your makeup look. 5. The duochrome palette. This is a mix of two or more different colors together, which creates shimmery results that are hard to resist.

How to Use a Specific Color Palette

There are endless color combinations you could use to create your own individual look, but for inspiration, here are the best color palettes for your makeup needs. 1. Warm Palette: Use browns, oranges and yellows to achieve a natural and inviting look. 2. Cool Palette: Use blues, purples and greens to create a more refined look. 3. Multicolor Palette: Bring life to dull eye colors with colorful pops of shades. 4. Neutrals Palette: Use black, white and grey to neutrally define your features and skimp on the color usage for a classic look. 5. Bright Eyes: Keep your eyes POPPIN’ with brightly-hued shades that will make you stand out from the crowd! 6. Take itEasy: If you want a more relaxed and natural vibe, go with a palette consisting of mostly neutrals with some bold accents for an enhanced shine or highlights.

What Colors Should Be in Your Makeup Bag?

When it comes to finding the perfect color palette for your makeup look, there is no wrong answer. You can select any of the hundreds of colors available in any store, and still achieve the results you desire. But before making your choices, it is important to consider your skin type and eye color. There are several color combinations that work well on most people, and below are five of the best palettes to use when putting together a look. If you have light skin and light eyes, then using a light-colored palette is perfect for you. This includes shades such as beiges, pinks and whites. If you have medium skin with medium eyes, then you can go with a warmer palette that includes orange, browns and yellows. Darker skin tones may prefer to use a cooler palette that includes purples, greens and blues. Always make sure to test out different color combinations before hitting the makeup counter! Sometimes one color can make an entire look look too dramatic or clown-like.


There are many different color palettes that can be used to create different looks for makeup. Which color palette is best for you will vary depending on your skin tone and style. The below color palette can be used as a starting point if you are not sure which colors to use. 1. Warm tones: yellow, gold, peach, light pink 2. Cool tones: green, blue, lavender, dark pink 3. Neutral tones: beige, brown, light purple, black