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WebContinental | The New Way For Experiencing Luxury

WebContinental is a new channel for luxury retailers and brands to sell their products online. Created by Grupo Infoar, the channel has already been successful in Brazil and is poised to enter North America as well. But will it be able to compete with luxury brands like Amazon? The article takes an in-depth look at WebContinental’s business model, how it differs from the multi-billion dollar retail giant, and what this means for other companies looking to enter the market.

What is WebContinental?

WebContinental is a new luxury travel company that offers bespoke experiences in some of the most iconic destinations around the world. Whether it's a luxurious honeymoon in an exclusive resort, a day at a spa in the mountains, or a culinary experience like no other, WebContinental has you covered.

To get started, simply visit their website and select your destination. You can also see their newest arrivals on their blog, so be sure to check it out!

Why did the company decide to get into e-commerce?

WebContinental embarked on a journey into e-commerce in order to save costs and offer its customers the best possible experience. In a press release, CEO Dr. Mathias Müller stated, "We want to make our experiences as close as possible to those of our guests in traditional rooms. We also want to make it easy for our guests to shop with us and find the right product."

The decision to enter the e-commerce market was made after careful consideration of customer feedback and data collected from the company's loyalty program. The team at WebContinental wanted to ensure that their customers had the best possible experience when shopping for hotel products, no matter where they were located. By offering a variety of products and an easy checkout process, WebContinental is aiming to provide guests with everything they need to choose from and make their purchase quickly and easily.

The company has also made it easy for guests to share their experiences with others by creating a social media platform specifically for hotel guests. This way, travelers can connect with other guests during their travels and discuss their favorite hotels and experiences.

Overall, WebContinental believes that offering e-commerce will give its customers more choices, improve the customer experience, and

How does WebContinental work?

WebContinental is a luxury travel company that offers a unique way for travelers to experience luxury. The WebContinentall website provides information on the different types of travel options and the different levels of luxury that can be found in each one. These include trips to destinations all over the world, including popular tourist destinations like Paris and Rome, as well as more exotic locales such as Thailand and Kenya.

The WebContinental website also offers an online booking system that makes it easy for travelers to find and book tickets to any of the company's destinations. This system allows consumers to compare prices and choose the trip that best suits their needs and budget. The site also offers detailed information on each destination, including pictures, reviews from other travelers, and tips on how to enjoy your stay.

In addition to its luxurious travel options, WebContinental also offers a wide range of amenities for its guests. These include top-of-the-line hotels with all the amenities you could hope for, such as gourmet restaurants, wine cellars, and Fitness Centers; as well as exclusive shopping opportunities and even private excursions. All of this is available at prices that are usually much lower than what you would pay at

What are some products on WebContinental that customers can purchase?

WebContinental offers a variety of luxury products for purchase online. Some of these include travel accessories, home furnishings, and wines. Some of the most popular items are the WebContinental Travel Accessories, which include luggage tags and passport holders. The home furnishings line includes bed linen and towels as well as decorative pieces like lamps and side tables. The wines are available in a variety of flavors and styles, including red wine, white wine, Champagne, and sparkling wine.


WebContinental is the new way for experiencing luxury. They offer a luxurious experience that’s perfect for anyone who wants to escape the everyday and experience something truly special. With their wide variety of flights, hotels, and experiences, WebContinental has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an exotic getaway or simply want to relax in a luxurious setting, WebContinental has everything you need to make your dream trip a reality.